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This event is fired when an alert is detected on the station.

Body parameters

  • event: alert
  • station (integer): The identifier of the station.
  • data: (json object).
  • alert (integer): Code of the alert (see Alerts list).
  • alertName (string): The name of the alert.
  • alertStatus (enum): Alert status.
    • appearing: The alert appeared.
    • disappeared: The alert disappeared. (Some alerts don't support this status, please refer to the detection column below).
  • spot (integer, optional): The number of the spot that detected the alert. If absent, the alert is triggered on the whole station.

Body example

  "event": "alert",
  "station": 154,
  "data": {
    "alert": 1,
    "alertName": "shake",
    "alertStatus": "appearing"

Alerts list

Code Name Station or spot Detection Description
0 shake Station appearing only Heavy vibration is detected, most likely a robbery attempt. An alarm is also triggered on the station (sound & blinking LED)
1 power-cut Station appearing only The station has no longer enough energy to operate (low battery or power outage). Consider the problem fixed once the station connects again
2 high-temp Spot appearing & disappeared The spot's temperature is too high to charge at maximal speed. The charge is slowed down. The spot will send the same alert with disappeared status once the temperature is back to normal