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This event is fired when an alert is fired on a vehicle.

Body parameters

  • event: alert
  • vehicle (integer): The identifier of the vehicle.
  • data: (json object).
    • alertStatus (enum): Alert status.
      • appearing: The alert appeared.
      • disappeared: The alert disappeared.
      • unknown: The alert status could not be identified. Please contact Knot technical support.
    • reason (string, optional): The reason for the alert.
    • code (integer): Code of the alert.

Body example

    "event": "alert",
    "vehicle": 156,
    "data": {
        "code": 1,
        "alertStatus": "appearing",
        "reason": "Device motion state change"

Alert codes

Code Description
1 The vehicle moved while locked
2 The vehicle has fallen
3 The vehicle is being dismantled
4 The vehicle was lifted
99 An unknown alert has occurred, please contact Knot technical support