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This event is fired every 30 minutes or after a ping request. It allow to track the current state of the station.

Body parameters

  • event: state
  • station (integer): The identifier of the station where the spot was locked.
  • data: (json object).
    • mainboard (json object).
      • v5 (integer): The 5V of the mainboard, in mV.
      • v48 (integer): The 48V of the mainboard, in mV. For station on battery, this value can be used to estimate the level of the battery.
      • temp (integer): The temperature of the station, in degree Celsius.
    • vehicles (json object): An array with all vehicles currently on the station (empty array if there is no vehicle on the station).
      • vehicle (integer): The identifier of the scooter.
      • voltage (integer): The voltage of the vehicle's battery in mV.
      • battery (integer, nullable): The estimated percentage (0 - 100) of the vehicle's battery. This value is null if we don't have an estimation curve for the vehicle. Note: This is only an estimation, if you have an IoT on the vehicle that sent the percentage from the BMS, use it instead.
    • connectivity (json object): An object containing info about the connectivity of the station.
      • type (string): The type of network the station is connected to ('GSM', 'CAT-M1' or 'CAT-NB1').
      • rssi (number): RSSI.
      • rsrp (number): RSRP when connected to a LTE network, otherwise 0.
    • energy (json object, optional): An object containing energy consumption info of the station. Present when the station has an energy counter.
      • total_active_energy (integer): The total active energy consumed by the station in Watts/hours (Wh).
      • total_apparent_energy (integer): The total apparent energy consumed by the station in VoltAmpere/hour (VAh).

Body example

    "event": "state",
    "station": 156,
    "data": {
        "mainboard": {
            "v5": 4956,
            "v48": 48068,
            "temp": 31
        "vehicles": [{
            "vehicle": 586,
            "voltage": 44597,
            "battery": null
        }, {
            "vehicle": 567,
            "voltage": 42253,
            "battery": 78
        "connectivity": {
            "type": "CAT-M1",
            "rssi": 123,
            "rsrp": 345
        "energy": {
            "total_active_energy": 123,
            "total_apparent_energy": 345