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Vehicle API

KNOT vehicle API allows to control a scooter IoT. We currently support Segway IoT (act as a proxy to SegwayDiscovery API), Teltonika TST100 and Okai ES400's IoT.


The current version is v1, the API is frozen. Any future update will be backward compatible.

Current features

  • Get vehicles list.
  • Enable a vehicle.
  • Unlock a vehicle.
  • Lock a vehicle.
  • Play a sound.
  • Open the battery cover of a vehicle.
  • Shutdown the vehicle (transport mode).
  • Be notified when:
    • a vehicle locked.
    • a vehicle unlocked.
    • a vehicle move (location update).
    • a vehicle state change (battery level, odometer, online status).
    • a fault is detected on a vehicle.

Planned features

  • No new features planned for now, API is stable until we will have an awesome idea !