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This event is fired when a fault is detected on the station. The goal of this event is to plan maintenance and mark the spot as unavailable in some case.

Body parameters

  • event: fault

  • station (integer): The identifier of the station.

  • data: (json object).

  • fault (integer): Code of the fault (see Faults list).
  • faultName (string): The name of the fault.
  • faultStatus (string): Fault status.
    • appearing: The fault appeared.
    • disappeared: The fault is fixed.
  • code (integer): Fault code.
  • spot (integer, optional): The number of the spot affected by the fault. If absent, the whole station is affected.

Body example

  "event": "fault",
  "station": 155,
  "data": {
    "fault": 2,
    "faultName": "charge-fault",
    "faultStatus": "appearing",
    "spot": 3

Faults list

Code Name Station or spot Description
0 communication-fault Spot The spot doesn't communicate with the mainboard anymore
1 charge-fault Spot The spot's charger is not working anymore
2 abnormal-low-voltage Station & spot The low voltage is out of its range
3 abnormal-high-voltage Station The high voltage is out of its range

If you have any of these fault, contact us for assistance & replacement parts.