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Spot defect


This event is deprecated. Please implement fault instead. KNOT will keep the compatibility as long as customers are still using it.

This event is fired when a spot isn't functioning anymore. The goal of this event is to mark a spot as unavailable for the end user and plan maintenance.

Body parameters

  • event: spot-defect
  • station (integer): The identifier of the station where the spot was locked.
  • data: (json object).
    • spot (integer): The number of the defective spot. The range is between 1 and 32 (included).
    • vehicle (integer): The identifier of the last known scooter in the spot.
    • vehicle_voltage (integer): Last known voltage of the scooter's battery (in mV).
    • lock_status (integer): Last known lock states: 0 if opened, 1 if closed.

Body example

    "event": "spot-defect",
    "station": 156,
    "data": {
        "spot": 1,
        "vehicle": 411,
        "vehicle_voltage": 46875,
        "lock_status": 1